• Akuza Wheels

    I just got back from the dealership and noticed that I needed some better car rims than the oem that came on my original ride.  I decided to try out a different car rim than I have used before so I went with some shiny Akuza Rims.  Not only do they ice out my pimp ride I also showed them to some of my homies and they are looking to buy a set of their own.  I told them the place I got mine was at carrimsdirect.com.  My new chrome rims are looking off the hook.
    Akuza Creepin AKA 324
    Akuza Phiz AKA 360
    Akuza Drift AKA 455
    Akuza Sting AKA 503
    Akuza Reaper AKA 508
    Akuza Creation AKA 702
    Akuza Big Papi AKA 712
    Akuza Lucuna AKA 760
    Akuza Belle AKA 761
    Akuza Genesis AKA 822
    Akuza Rissa AKA 824
    Akuza AKA 359
    Akuza Blade AKA 381
    Akuza OJ AKA 437
    Akuza Tarizon AKA 502
    Akuza Spur AKA 504
    Akuza Dominion AKA 701
    Akuza Slither AKA 719
    Akuza Ricco AKA 839
    Akuza Ricco AKA 839 8